Diagnoses can be useful in terms of understanding a child or young person's needs when they happen to fall into a recognised pattern.  Often, this isn't the case and parents can be left without an understanding of why their child is struggling in certain areas of their lives.

Dr Bird uses a range of standardised and individual assessments to identify areas of strength and vulnerability in even the most complex of young people.  He uses an approach based on formulation rather than diagnosis to weigh up the impact that a person's life experience and learning profile have had on their functioning and emerging identity.  

If you have a specific or general concern about your child, Dr Bird can assist you in understanding the issues and mapping the options for support.  


When you contact us, we will reply to you, but we will delete your original email if you do not respond. This means that we do not keep your information unless we meet for an assessment. People we work with will be given more information about our terms and conditions, and this includes how we store information about you. We do not share any information with anybody else unless you agree, or unless we are concerned about safety.

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