Please read before making contact - thank you!


Due to the combined impact of COVID-19 and the unmanageable pressure on NHS assessment teams, we have experienced a 300% increase in enquiries over the past year, and a 500%+ increase in the past three months.  Not all of those enquiries will translate into assessments, and we have created an information page to help you decide whether you would like to make contact yourself. You can view this online by clicking the button below: it should answer many of your more basic questions about costs, timescales, and the assessment process.

For the same reasons we have been forced to operate a waiting list for the first time in 10 years. We are looking to adjust our model and bring experienced professionals in as associates to manage this demand, but this will take time. At present, it is unlikely that you or your family member will be seen before the Spring of 2022.  This is still very substantially quicker than most NHS services, but knowing this information you may decide that you would prefer to source an assessment elsewhere. 

If you decide to submit an enquiry today, we will reply to you as quickly as possible.  We will delete your original email in 30 days if you do not respond in turn as we do not retain and information about you unless we go on to meet for an assessment. We will provide additional information about our terms and conditions, and this will explain how we store information about you. We do not share any information with anybody else unless you agree, or unless we are concerned about safety.

Thanks for submitting!