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If you have already made contact with us and you have been asked to complete a screening questionnaire you can find them here.

  1. Adult Autism Quotient Questionnaire (AQ) - for people aged 16+

  2. Adolescent Autism Quotient Questionnaire - for young people between 12 and 15

  3. Child Autism Quotient Questionnaire (AQ-Child) for children and young people between 4 and 11 

Please note that these questionnaires must be scored and interpreted by a professional with knowledge of Autism Spectrum Conditions - they are not self-assessment tools.


If you have booked a Developmental Assessment (DISCO, ADI-r, 3Di) then please complete the following questionnaires in advance of your meeting.

The links will take you to an external site. Our forms are hosted by Microsoft, and your information will be fully encrypted at both ends for your security.

  1. Background information, family and medical history

  2. Early Development (0-3 years)

  3. Education and other settings outside of the home

  4. Strengths and resilience factors

Please note that you cannot save your progress on individual questionnaires and return to them later, so please allow enough time to cover each of the four sections. You can look at them in advance to help you plan a) how long they will take to complete, and b) what information (Red Books, health visitor reports, education reports) might assist you.


You don't need to complete all four sections at the same time.


Many thanks!

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