We are offering assessment interviews using video conferencing at times when there is greater need for social distancing.  This will change according to Government guidance, but we will retain the option for video-online screening assessments for the foreseeable future.

If you are seeking an initial consultation on concerns about possible Autism Spectrum Disorder in a child or young person, you can book and pay for a 2.5-hour video slot that includes the online application of the 3Di standardised interview.  We use Zoom or Skype for these interviews where possible but can also use other applications including WhatsApp, FaceTime and Google Meet.

If you are an adult seeking an assessment for yourself, or are looking to book a full assessment for a child or young person which will include face-to-face meetings, please contact us in the first instance using the form at the foot of this page. Due to a high level of demand it is not currently possible to book these fuller assessment online,

If you have already completed part of a fuller assessment and now wish to book an ADOS-2 assessment, please select the appropriate option below and follow the instructions.  Please make sure to include your address and contact details when booking.


When you contact us, we will reply to you, but we will delete your original email if you do not respond. This means that we do not keep your information unless we meet for an assessment. People we work with will be given more information about our terms and conditions, and this includes how we store information about you. We do not share any information with anybody else unless you agree, or unless we are concerned about safety.

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